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US Military: This US Army drone has been in the air for 17 days, has 82 feet wings.


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US Military: This US Army drone has been in the air for 17 days, has 82 feet wings, know its dangerous power

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The US forces are not only the most powerful in the world, but they are also equipped with technologies that you can only imagine. The Zephyr drone developed by Airbus Company, which is on a test flight, has been in the air for the last 17 days. This drone is also termed as a satellite and due to its capabilities, it is also being termed as dangerous. This drone took off last month from the Yuma Proving Ground of the US Army, which is in Arizona. The US military says that due to its ability to fly for a long time, it can be used as a sensor platform.

Did take off on 15th June

The design of this drone is known as Zephyr 8. It was first tracked by online flight tracking software on June 15 at Yuma Proving Ground. At that time it was on the airstrip and was preparing to takeoff. For the next 10 days, this drone used this drone Zulu 82 callsign. The drone flew between the Yuma Test Range and the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Staying in the sky for 17 days is considered an extraordinary thing.

What it has done is also unusual. On June 23, Jeffer’s flight activity was observed to the southeast along the Mexico border with Arizona. But the drone spent most of its time at Yuma Air Ground. After two days it left from there and it took its way towards the Gulf of Mexico located in the southwest of America.

Airbus has refused to tell anything about this drone. But according to the information that has come out, its wingspan is 82 feet. It has a small fuselage with information about its weapons and datalinks.

US forces special

The weight of this drone is 165 pounds. It is so light that even a small team can launch it. This drone can fly at an altitude of 76,100 feet. There is no information about the speed in which it can fly, but its speed is being told a little more than 30 knots. This drone can complete its mission even in bad weather. Apart from this, it can last for a long time.

This drone was first developed by the United Kingdom (UK) defense contractor KinitQ. After this the design was sold to Airbus in the year 2013. The US military, which includes both the Army and the Navy, has been experimenting with several models of drones since 2000.

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