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When the fans crossed the limits for these actresses, some threatened to kill them, some went on hunger strike


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When the fans crossed the limits for these actresses

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How many people love Bollywood celebs. Everyone loves the love of the fans, but sometimes the over love of the fans disturbs them. Some fans start crossing the limit for the stars. Because of them, celebs have to face problems. Now like recently Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal recently filed a police complaint against a person. The man used to send obscene messages to Katrina and also followed the actress. Vicky then complained to the police which has now been arrested. Let us tell you that the person describes himself as a fan of Katrina and is a struggling actor. He wanted to marry Katrina Kaif.

Even before this, Katrina Kaif was terrified when a stalker went outside her house. He used to come outside their house everyday. Katrina was so upset that she went out to find a new house.

Kangana Ranaut

A fan had reached her gym after Kangana Ranaut. After being driven away by the guards several times, that fan sat outside the gym. He swore that he would not move from there until Kangana met him. After this, when Kangana went to the gym after 3 days, she was surprised that the man was sitting on a hunger strike. After this, when Kangana met him and took the letter from him, he went back.

sushmita sen

Sushmita Sen was once given 8 expensive gifts by a stalker. Not only this, he even sent the bride’s dress, wedding jewelry and cosmetics to the actress. The actress was very upset. He didn’t know how to handle it.


The film Ghajini star Asin was sent a love letter by one of her Chennai based fans. Not only this, he had also sent an expensive ring to the actress. The actress then got it back through her team and explained it to the fan.

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