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Women’s thighs responsible for rising meat prices.


Kyrgyz Imam: Women's thighs responsible for rising meat prices... see the thinking of Maulana of Kyrgyzstan

The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, an award winner Maulana Sadaybakas Dulov’s statement about women has become a subject of criticism all over the world. Maulana has said that women wearing less clothes is responsible for the rising prices of meat. Not only this, he made a shameful statement and said that women’s meat becomes cheaper when they display their thighs as if it is a thumb. Maulana Dolov, the former head of the Islamic University, appealed to the elderly to ask women to wear more clothes so that the prices of meat could be reduced.

According to the report of Radio Free Europe, the Maulana claimed that the prices of meat are rising because women have made themselves cheap by showing too much of their body. He said, ‘Do you know when meat becomes expensive in your place? Its money increases when women’s meat becomes cheaper. A woman’s meat is cheaper when she shows off her limbs, like the thumbs, the thighs also start showing.’ Maulana Dulov recently said during a program in the capital Biscay.

‘Initiate criminal investigation against Imam’
This controversial statement of Maulana is now being shared fiercely on social media. After this statement of Dulov, women are furious. Several women have demanded the government to initiate a criminal investigation against Imam. At present, this Maulana is posted as Imam in a mosque in Sverdlov district of the capital. Officials of the state religious authority said they had examined Dulov’s statement to determine whether he had violated anyone’s honor and reputation.Officials of the religious authority said that the investigation revealed that Maulana Dulov did not violate any Islamic law with his statement. He also claimed that his speech has been misunderstood by many. On the other hand, after the growing controversy, Dullov has now also claimed that his statement has been misrepresented. The Maulana said that what he meant is that the officials should not be held responsible for all the issues. He also advised the people of Kyrgyzstan to test their moral values.

Meat price in Kyrgyzstan Rs 600 per kg
Maulana said that you are talking about rising prices of low meat but your honor is not hurt when women walk around you without clothes. Dulov’s statement comes at a time when meat prices are skyrocketing in Kyrgyzstan. In June, meat prices in Kyrgyzstan reached around Rs 600 per kg. At the same time, it has been said in the media reports that the prices of meat will increase further in the coming time.

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