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YouTuber Gaurav Taneja said on the arrest- Keep telling the police to let me call but.


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YouTuber Gaurav Taneja

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Famous YouTuber Gaurav Taneja was arrested by the Noida Police recently. He was later released on bail. He was arrested for violating Section 144. On Gaurav Taneja’s birthday, his wife appealed to the fans to come to the Sector 51 metro station where they were to celebrate. After which a huge crowd gathered there. Talking about his experiences in prison, Gaurav said that it was very traumatizing for him. When he was arrested, he didn’t know what happened.

no arrest information

Gaurav Taneja said that people don’t care what someone is accused of, but if you are arrested, the society feels that something very wrong must have been done that ‘hey look, police should catch it. Went.’ He further says, ‘It was no less than a trauma. My wife had organized a surprise party for me. So I had no idea. I was sitting inside the lockup and there were three or four other people inside the lockup with me. I kept asking the police to call me or let me find out what was happening. I was told, sir, he has gone round. Will have to wait till then.

First family member to be arrested

Gaurav explains about the joke happening at his house, ‘You know I am the first in my family to be arrested. My grandfather or my father was never arrested. Even the police never took him into custody, so I jokingly say that I have made the family proud, I have been arrested.’

Was forbidden to share on social media

On his picture with the police, Gaurav says, ‘The police told me that taking pictures is the rule and I agreed to it. But after taking the profile, he took me out where he clicked pictures with me and three officers. I thought it was for their social media platform so I thought these pictures could be misused. You don’t know that after 10 years someone can use that photo to tarnish your image. I requested him not to put it on social media but within five minutes of telling this the pictures came on social media.

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