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Zendaya vows to stay away from cooking


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Actress Zendaya met with an accident while trying to cook food in the kitchen and has now vowed to stay away from the kitchen.

After going through a traumatic accident in which her finger snaps while attempting to cook, the actress shared with her fans that she has promised herself that she will never again. Will not cook.

As reported by esshowbiz.com, the 25-year-old actress used an Instagram story to inform her followers about her kitchen accident.

In one of the pictures she saw in front of a mirror showing the stitches in her finger.

Another picture shows the actress’s finger being stitched by two medical professionals.

She explained over the photo, “Look now.. that’s why I don’t cook.”

In response to Zendaya’s stories, her assistant Darnell made a post on her Instagram Story.

He continued, “Dear God, help me keep this little Hefa safe because she is clumsy.”

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